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Our Mission

Fallbrook Ag Boosters is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting agricultural education and promoting the agricultural industry in the Fallbrook community. The organization was founded in 1991 and has since been actively involved in the development of the local agricultural industry.

The mission of Fallbrook Ag Boosters is to provide support for agricultural education programs in the Fallbrook Union High School District. The organization provides funding for the purchase of equipment, materials, and supplies, and also offers scholarships to students pursuing careers in the agricultural industry.

Fallbrook Ag Boosters is also involved in promoting the local agricultural industry through community outreach programs. The organization participates in local events such as the Fallbrook Avocado Festival and the Fallbrook Farmers Market, and provides educational materials on the benefits of locally grown produce.

In addition to its support for agricultural education and industry promotion, Fallbrook Ag Boosters also plays an important role in preserving the agricultural heritage of the Fallbrook community. The organization is involved in the preservation of historic buildings and landmarks, as well as the maintenance of local trails and open spaces.

Fallbrook Ag Boosters is run by a dedicated group of volunteers who are passionate about promoting the agricultural industry and supporting the next generation of farmers and agricultural professionals. The organization is always looking for new members and volunteers to join its efforts.

In conclusion, Fallbrook Ag Boosters is a valuable organization that plays a crucial role in promoting agricultural education, industry, and heritage in the Fallbrook community. Its efforts are essential in ensuring the long-term sustainability and growth of the local agricultural industry.

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